Why Urbacon?

Why Urbacon?

Construction is in our DNA. For over 30 years, our ability to actualize design ideas that enhance organizational performance and achieve measurable business goals is one reason our clients keep coming back. We anticipate our client’s needs and accept nothing less than the completion of their project on-time and on-budget.


No two projects are alike and neither are the objectives of our clients. We start each project with an investigation into what the client wants to achieve. Then, we bring together the resources to ensure that the results will meet their expectations. We continuously monitor progress by ensuring that we adhere to our planned scope and methodology. We provide continuous reporting throughout the project lifecycle so that our clients can make the best-informed decisions and choices regarding each aspect of the work.

Design Integrity

Working closely with our clients and consultants, we help source and select the most viable and cost-effective materials, finishes and construction techniques to achieve the specific design details required for each undertaking. Our expertise relating to performance and maintenance of design elements over the life of the building lowers costs for our clients and delivers more sustainable projects.


Information technology and mechanical systems are crucial components of any building. We continually invest in knowledge development as a source of added value for our clients. We ask goal oriented questions pertaining to viable material choices, the attachment and joining of assemblies and the integration of building systems. We utilize advanced web based project management and Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems. We facilitate communication and mitigate interference, ensuring a fast, reliable and high-performance project.

Client Value

For each job, we assemble a custom team with the specific expertise needed to get the work done. Each of these teams include project managers, permit expediters, site supervisors, skilled trades and suppliers who all work closely with our client’s. It’s this chemistry that produces results. We ask questions. We do research. We present strategic options. We use innovative communication technology to ensure that the team can solve day to day problems in real time. We employ over 150 of the industry’s finest professionals. By drawing on the strengths of each team member, a smooth process is achieved, from planning to construction to occupancy.

excellence, quality, sustainability, value.

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